This new series reflects the opportunity available in collaboration, and my joyful indulgence in this work as an obvious consequence. At the same time, this series continues to explore the theme in most of my work, which is about color, and the vibration of various color systems, and the effect and affect of form and content in this regard. The prints documenting this effort, with its many influences, have resulted with images of a singular voice in beauty and uniqueness.

The Muse Nude Series was born as a collaborative effort between photographer Cavan Clark, model Lyra Waugh and myself.

The first photo ‘session’ of this series of 3 photo sessions was just the 3 of us, Cavan shooting pictures of me painting Lyra. The original concept of these photographs being just source images for my new paintings completely changed when I saw the photographs as exceptional in craft and quality. In my new view, these prints are art, and exist as a documentation of the collaborative art project.

The second photo session was with a new backdrop, and with another friend Heather, who volunteered to be painted with Lyra. Again Cavan Clark was the photographer, and again the ‘event’ was born from a collaboration of effort, energy and synergy.

The second photo session with 2 girls, posed certain but somewhat obvious problems to solve. The first was the ability to paint them both ‘into’ the backdrop within the available time necessary to do such, and as well and very importantly, the ability of the girls to hold the poses for an extended period of time in order for this concept to be realized.

As would be expected, the process took a life of it’s own and the body painting became much more abstract and ‘different’ than the backdrop in it’s look, but the photographs stand with a unique beauty. Interestingly with 2 bodies there is much more of a play with the negative and positive space in the prints, which adds much to the pieces becoming even more abstract.

The third photo shoot was with Jennifer and her friend Kerri. As would be expected, this session took a different path and has a new color system in the backdrop that plays an unspoken path in the energy and look with the resulting prints.

George Mead -- WET Studios: The MUSE Series from George Mead on Vimeo.